---No Longer Available--- Digatron DT-51K MAX (TACH/ CHT/ EGT)

---No Longer Available--- Digatron DT-51K MAX (TACH/ CHT/ EGT)

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50 Series

Experience the best in data acquisition while learning about your kart and driver performance. Graph your functions for a detailed visual of your race and learn how all functions work together to help you race faster.

DT-50K Series Features:

  • Engine RPM (Tachometer), Jackshaft RPM or Speed (MPH or KPH) and up to four temperatures.
  • Lap timing with an infrared or magnetic sensor.
  • RPM and MPH record 10 times per second. Temperatures record 4 times per second. Times displayed to the 100th of a second.
  • Maximum readings of all functions. Minimum readings of RPM and Speed.
  • Full hour of datalogging and detailed playback. Free P.C. Downloadable software. Features: Custom instrument configuration, charts, graphs and log book. USB and serial computer input.
  • Automatic power on and off feature.
  • Backlight for night viewing. (8) Highly visible red L.E.D. warning/shift lights.
  • Quality lightweight high-impact aluminum casing. Large, bright, easy-to-read displays.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Quickest and most reliable sensors on the market.

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