---Discontinued--- Ultramax Seat Cradle Management System

---Discontinued--- Ultramax Seat Cradle Management System

Part Number:634CSM
Manufacturer's Part Number:Ultramax CSM
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Location: 300-05
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This system offers the following features:

  • Universal seat mounting system
  • Delivers performance gain regardless of chassis or seat manufacturer
  • Made for Adult Seats, but may be modified to work with Junior Seats

The whole concept of the "Seat Cradle System". The SCS focus is on the center of the rear crossmember, the reason is that every chassis bows after the Driver Ballast is applied. The SCS raises the Center Crossmember during Transfer, and allows the LR Rail to float and load consistently. The LR Rail is an un-supported rail and is the hardest working rail on a chassis, so making the rail transfer off / on consistently will keep a chassis rotating and creating forward bite. We have tested both systems and the SCS does not hinder the Roll Speed of a chassis.

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